Fixing the Primary Care Crisis

The Future of MedicineThere is a crisis in primary care and it is by far the most important issue in healthcare today. If you are a patient, a primary care doctor, an insurer, an employer or a policy maker, this crisis is exceptionally important to you. The crisis means that Americans do not get the level or quality of healthcare that they deserve and need. This crisis is the major reason that healthcare in total is so expensive and why costs keep rising. Fortunately, a solution exists that is within reach but it will be a disruptive and transformative change.

To address this crisis, both patients and PCPs will need to take charge and change the paradigm of primary care. We'll explore what innovative physicians, insurers, and employers are doing to transform primary care, reclaiming the doctor-patient relationship and offering comprehensive care.

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The Future of Healthcare Delivery

The Future of MedicineIn The Future of Health Care Delivery I detail the coming disruptions to health care delivery and clarify the facts regarding our many misconceptions. I then offer specific recommendations that America needs to take to move from a healthcare system that fundamentally treats disease and injury, and does so poorly for those with chronic illnesses, to one that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention and provides coordinated care to those with complex, chronic illnesses.

This book gives a clear and easy to understand overview of the characteristics of our current medical care delivery system, how it is changing, and offers suggestions as to how each individual’s actions can influence their health, the quality of their care, their healthcare costs and their satisfaction with the healthcare delivery system.

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by Stephen C. Schimpff


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