Endorsements - Fixing The Primary Care Crisis

Robert J Alpern“Steve Schimpff has written an outstanding treatise describing how misdirected attempts to save money have underfunded primary care resulting in lower quality healthcare, an increasing shortage of primary care physicians, and an increase in the cost of healthcare. He shows how a change in the healthcare paradigm can lead to better care at lower cost that is more rewarding to patient and physician.”

Robert J Alpern, MD
Ensign Professor of Medicine and Dean, Yale School of Medicine

Bahman atefi“With nearly 3000 employees, the health of our company depends on a healthy workforce. We deliver highly-advanced technical and engineering services, so illnesses, as well as the cost and quality of healthcare available to our employees, directly impact our productivity and customer satisfaction. Fixing The Primary Care Crisis brings attention to an issue that will resonate with businesses of every size, in any market.”

Bahman Atefi, Sc.D.
CEO, Alion Science and Technology

Robert A. Barish“Dr. Schimpff eloquently illustrates one of the principle lessons we teach our medical students throughout their training: relationship matters. He rightly asks how the doctor-patient relationship has suffered in today's medical/commerce environment. Dr. Schimpff's powerful patient vignettes and wide ranging interviews provide thought provoking concerns for physicians, patients and those of us whose mission is to train the next generation of healthcare providers.”

Robert A. Barish, MD MBA
Chancellor, LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport

Stephen BurchFixing The Primary Care Crisis is an outstanding work by an extraordinary writer. As in his previous works, Dr. Schimpff has clearly identified the issue in a manner for all to understand. The crisis is real and imminent and we would all be served in heeding Steve's advice.’s greatest challenges.”

Stephen Burch, JD
Chairman of the Board, University of Maryland Medical System, former president, Atlantic Division, Comcast Inc. and retired CEO, Virgin Media UK

William L. Henrich“As with the other topics in medicine he has so carefully analyzed, Dr. Schimpff presents a thoughtful and insightful discussion of contemporary primary care medicine. Patients and doctors will find his clear exposition very useful.”

William L. Henrich, MD, MACP
President and Professor of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas

Don McDaniel"Stephen Schimpff, MD provides a uniquely qualified view on the future of health care, with a focus on primary care medicine and the physician-patient relationship in the post-reform era. As a highly esteemed physician, academic leader, health system executive, and national thought leader on clinical issues, Dr. Schimpff paints a picture of an industry that is experiencing real change due to an overwhelming convergence of interests, incentives and macro-environmental forces disrupting primary care. At a time when patient-centered care is a growing, talked-about movement, Dr. Schimpff eloquently defines the problem and offers intelligent, actionable solutions to activate primary care innovation."

Don McDaniel
President and CEO, Sage Growth Partners

Michael R. Merson"A must read for all health professionals and policy makers in addition to patients and doctors. Dr Schimpff doesn't just lay out the problems with our health care system. His experience and research cite both provider, payer and consumer steps which must be taken to make the United States healthcare system affordable and of higher quality."

Michael R. Merson, MBA
Retired President of MedStar Health, former CEO, Helix Health System and former board chair, Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield, Inc.

quadracci“Dr. Schimpff makes an urgent case for a transformed healthcare system based on proactive primary care, wellness programs, early treatment of chronic conditions, and plenty of time for physician/patient visits. We've seen the results with our QuadMed primary care model: a healthier, more productive workforce and greater control over total health care costs. This book offers powerful solutions for every employer.”

Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO, Quad/Graphics


basu“There are solutions and Dr. Stephen C. Schimpff offers them up neatly in Fixing The Primary Care Crisis. The fact of the matter is that the primary care physician (PCP) needs more time with each patient, not less. How can this be achieved under the current regime? The answer is that it can't be. That's what makes Dr. Schimpff's book such a revelation. There are innovative approaches that can be supported by PCPs, insurers, employers, and the public sector and Dr. Schimpff walks us through many of them... As an internist/researcher/professor/healthcare CEO and all-around renaissance man, Dr. Schimpff lays out an elegant plan that both administrator and care deliverer can follow. His is a new paradigm - one that values the experiences of both patient and provider while rationalizing the use of scarce resources.”

Anirban Basu, Chairman and CEO, Sage Policy Group

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