Endorsements - The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Eli Y Adashi, MD“The Future of Health-Care Delivery: Why It Must Change and How It Will Affect You, by Stephen C. Schimpff, MD, could not have arrived at a more opportune time. Never before in the history of this nation, did health care capture the level of attention it does today. And rightly so. With unsustainable costs coupled to a fragmented delivery framework, health care is in urgent need of reform. Dr. Schimpff, a seasoned health care executive, capably sheds badly needed light on an all too complicated a subject.”

Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS, CPE, FACOG, Professor of Medical Science, Former Dean of Medicine & Biological Sciences & Frank L. Day Professor of Biology, Brown University.

James Bentley“In a recent poll, 72% of Americans favored reform of the health care system.  The health reform debates across the past several decades reveal that the public does not understand the current system well, doesn’t have an appreciation for trends that are impacting it, and isn’t able to agree on a series of solutions.  In his book The Future of Health-Care Delivery, Stephen Schimpff, MD, describes in easily understood language the shortcomings of the present system and the disruptive trends that must be addressed by governments, health care professionals, and individuals.  He also offers his advice on changes to improve the system.  The book is well written and easily read.”

James Bentley
Retired Senior Vice President, American Hospital Association

Robert A. Chrencik, MBA, CPA“Everyone should read this book; it will open your eyes to the reasons why health care costs so much yet is beset with so many interminable problems.  I know from over 20 years of personal experience that Dr. Schimpff is a master at converting the complex into the comprehensible. He has that unique ability to explain difficult concepts so that everyone can understand regardless of their knowledge of medicine. He comes to this task with the knowledge and background from his nearly 50 years in medicine as clinician, researcher, educator and large hospital CEO. To this he added the data from over 150 in depth interviews with medical leaders from across the country to make real sense of the morass of our healthcare system and to recommend logical steps for improvement. Whether you agree with all of his recommendations or not, he bases them on real facts.”

Robert A. Chrencik, MBA, CPA
President and Chief Executive Officer
University of Maryland Medical System

Darrell T Moon MHAThe Future of Health-Care Delivery is a brilliant synthesis of perhaps America's greatest fumble. Dr. Schimpff dissects the US health-care system with a razor sharp scalpel and offers incredible reason to a puzzle that has eluded this country for decades. Every business owner, politician, physician, hospital, health insurance company, and patient should read this book. Patients would receive better care, health-care would cost much less, doctors would have the time they need to coordinate care, everyone would get the care they needed, and we would all be healthier if the health-care industry would follow the principles laid out in this book. Thank you Dr. Schimpff for this most valuable contribution to one of our country’s greatest challenges.

Darrell T. Moon MHA,
Chief Executive Officer, Orriant, Inc. - a national wellness company

Mehmet Oz, MD“Dr Schimpff collects the insights from front line healthcare leaders to explain the coming disruptive changes that will impact our care delivery and offers sensible advice on what government, medicine and individuals can do to improve care delivery while reducing the costs.”

Mehmet Oz, MD, Professor of Surgery, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and New York – Presbyterian Medical Center, NY and co-Author "YOU: the Owner's Manual" health series and host of the “Dr Oz Show”

C A Dutch Ruppersberger"Dr. Schimpff’s “healthcare for dummies” provides a soup to nuts look at the American healthcare system for every reader. Drawing from his 50 years of medical experience from both the clinical and business side of healthcare, he suggests how each of us can take control of our own health, demand the best quality of care and keep costs to a minimum. His refusal to take sides in the partisan squabble over healthcare reform in Washington makes this book invaluable as a guide to those of us who will be making critical decisions in the near future."

C A Dutch Ruppersberger
Congressman, 2ed District, Maryland

C A Dutch Ruppersberger"The Healthcare conundrum representing almost 20 percent of GNP challenges even the brightest minds. Dr. Schimpff’s insights and unraveling of a very complex industry will in fact help drive change in this country and influence the national platform. The next several decades in healthcare are not for the faint of heart, but with preparation and personal commitment, this country will emerge with an innovative delivery model that transforms this industry. A must read for all healthcare executives!"

Sarah E. Sinclair MBA, RN, FACHE
Executive Chief Nursing Officer
Cleveland Clinic Health System
Chair, Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence

“Without sacrificing a nuanced discussion of ideas, physician Stephen Schimpff explains clearly and persuasively what must be done to save, and to improve, health-care delivery in America. His engaging conversational style, unique insights, and fascinating treasury of cutting-edge information will leave both lay readers and medical professionals turning the pages of his important new book. There are few more engrossing stories than the adventure of what awaits our minds, bodies, budgets, lifespans, and societies as new technologies change our world. Dr. Schimpff tells it with passion and an urgency that none of us can ignore.”

 N. J. Slabbert, coauthor with Aris Melissaratos of Innovation, the Key to Prosperity: Technology and America's Role in the 21st Century Global Economy  

Stephen H. Zinner, MD“At last a clear way through the morass of health-care delivery and its needed reform.  Dr Schimpff's tour de force should be required reading for every member of Congress and every voter, all of whom need to know what is really at stake with health care reform.  This book tells it all, clearly, urgently and without political agenda.”

Stephen H. Zinner, MD, Charles S. Davidson Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Chair, Department of Medicine, Mount Auburn Hospital, Boston


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