Excerpts from The Future of Healthcare Delivery


Health or Medical Care System?—We Americans like to pride ourselves on having the best health-care system in the world, but unfortunately that is not the case. Read More.

Edward Jenner

The Rise of Chronic Disease in America—Here are some numbers to contemplate. In the United States, there are about 465,000 preventable deaths per year, 395,000 from high blood pressure, 216,000 from obesity... Read More.

Compasionate Care

A Vision for Health Care Delivery—So what should the vision for tomorrow’s health care be? It should be about health, not just diagnosis and treatment of illness.. Read More.

Operating Room of the Future

Technology: Cost Driver or Cost Saver?—We often hear that new technologies in medicine are the reason that costs are rising so rapidly. There is truth in that belief but it’s not so simple. Read More.

Compasionate Care

Bringing Down Costs of Medical Care—It is currently popular for government officials to single out the insurance companies for the rising cost of healthcare. Read More.


Take Responsibility for Our Own Health—Prevention is the key to both better health and lower health-care costs over the long haul. This is where the nation — and each of us as individuals — needs to put energy and resources. Read More.


Primary Care Medicine Becomming Extinct—America is losing the backbone of its medical care system – the primary care physician (PCP.) Medical care costs are high and rising. Read More.


Further Disruptive Trends in Medicine—Generally we prefer calm seas but often they don’t get us anywhere. We need disruptions, transformations to make the changes necessary for real progress in medicine. Read More.


Care Coordination and Prescription Drugs—Henry is a 69-year-old living alone in a small town about 60 miles from the nearest metropolitan area. He has healthcare coverage via Medicare, Medigap, and Medicare Part D. Read More.




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